Leaf Blowers

Fall is about to come soon and it will also bring with it the bright colored leaves falling all round in your garden in copious amounts. Across most parts of the world, fall is considered to be a beautiful season and the colored leaves are an exclusive site to behold. But the only drawback to this season is that the leaves that fall do not disappear and they end up covering your entire driveway and the yard. In olden days, families used to pick up these leaves during the weekends and this ritual continued for several weeks, but now, we have modern solutions for everything and for getting rid of fallen leaves from our garden; we have leaf blowers.

What leaf blowers do?

Leaf blowers have been designed specifically to blow grass, leaves and other debris from the lawn to form a pile to be raked off the property or into the woods. These devices can also be used for blowing driveways, for cleaning gutters, basements and sweeping garages and for removing dust and spider webs off the house.

Types of leaf blowers: Basically, there are three types of leaf blowers: hand held leaf blowers, backpack leaf blowers and walk behind leaf blowers. The hand held leaf blowers are the cheapest, lightest and least powerful. Usually, these are electric powered or are gas powered with 2 to 4 cycle engine which uses oil/gas mixture similar to the chainsaws. Backpack models are more powerful than the hand held ones; they fit on the back of the user like a backpack and are gas powered. The user can use the flexible hose to blow through the lawn in different angles. Finally, the Walk behind leaf blowers run on gasoline engines and is perhaps the most powerful kinds of leaf blowing devices. Although these leaf blowers are not very flexible as the hand held and backpack models, they are best suitable for heavy duty jobs and large lawns.

Features: The hand held leaf blowers have plastic nozzle which is usually not very flexible but as the units are light and small, they can be easily maneuvered. Backpack models are a little heavier but the hose allows the users to blow even the places that are hard to reach, such as under the porches. The walk behind models can be maneuvered at different speeds and the chute allows the blow to be angled to either side or even forward.

Size: The electric blowers have a limitation because they are attached to an electric outlet. With backpack and hand held models, the weight of the equipment is paramount, especially if you are planning to use it a lot. The power of the leaf blower increases with the miles per hour that the blower is able to cover. With the walk behind models that are powered with gasoline, the speed of the job done will be increased with higher horsepower.

To summarize, leaf blowers are hand-held or engine-powered maintenance tools used in place of rakes and brooms for removing debris and leaves from a garden, lawn or yard.